We build bespoke software and database solutions for medium and large businesses.

ProAcumen Ltd has been building a wide range of systems since 2002.

We have built survey systems, holiday cottage booking systems, mobile apps, media systems - the list goes on….

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We specialise in database systems.

Our main strength is designing and implementing efficient database designs. We are used to integration with other systems and exporting data from our systems in a wide variety of formats.

Using the power of the web

Most of the systems we implement are database systems which are managed via a web (browser) front-end. This gives our clients the flexibility and ease of maintaining SAAS (Software as a Service) solutions.

Did you know…?

All UK air quality data gathered by non-automated means was managed via a ProAcumen system.

Mobile solutions

ProAcumen Ltd was one of the first software development companies to provide specialist business app using mobile technology, initially on PDA’s and now on touch screen devices.

Delivering quality via a low-overhead business model

ProAcumen Ltd has a small core full-time team of developers and database specialists, and uses a network of known and trusted freelance colleagues and companies when required to ramp up during peak times.

Did you know…?

Defra, a UK government department used a system developed by ProAcumen to gather data from CHP (Combined Heat and Power) providers for tax credit purposes.

Handling large and varied datasets

ProAcumen manages media data from many disparate sources for the UK’s largest banking group. Data is harmonised, mapped and matched to be able to get maximum benefit from multiple sources.

Did you know…?

Most high-end holiday cottages in the UK are booked using a system developed by a ProAcumen system.

Online bookings synchronise with an offline desktop version - vital for properties which have poor internet reception.

We build bespoke software and database solutions for medium and large businesses.

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